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By: myself | Date: Dec 27, 2014
Hi everybody
If it ever should happen - I hope not too fast - that Creamy will leave the site, Skinny will be his natural successor :-)
Skinny is such a great boy, of which one can think, that he just lives around the corner.
Skinny, I'd love to meet you ;-)

Hi "myself"! Creamy isn't leaving - but, I agree, Skinny is special too in his own way! They'll both be pleased you like them so much. Around which corner do you live? On the internet, we're all just around the corner! You can always e-mail direct to - Thanks for your message and best wishes, Cocky x.

By: myself | Date: Dec 27, 2014
If ever Creamy leaves the site, which I do not hope will be very soon, Skinny is the natural successor.
A great boy of which one can think, that he lives just round the corner.
Skinny, I'd love to meet you ;-)

By: timwsm0 | Date: Dec 26, 2014
Only just discovered this site. What fantastic sexy boys there are here!! Better than anywhere else.

Thanks Tim, I'm glad you found us! All the boys will be pleased to hear from you! Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Mackenzielad | Date: Nov 12, 2014
Hi. love this site though since my last visit you have taken down some of the vids. Jonesy in particular. Jonesy is so hot we need more of him. He is my favourite porn star, but somehow nobody seems to be able to film him raunchy enough what a waste. He is such a fantastic bottom. Congrats for what you have got of him.

Hi Mackenzielad, Well his videos look raunchy to me! Anyway, I'm glad you like Jonesy so much - he's certainly a great favourite of us all! Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Amator | Date: Sep 17, 2014
This is a really great site with some seriously hot guys. I have fallen in love with Willi - a beautiful hot guy!

Hi Amator, I'm glad you really like Willi and some of our other friends too! You can always send direct messages, for any of the boys, to
Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Jul 8, 2014
Many Thanks for your response & direct emails.Yes,I look forward to seeing many more photo sets on the site.HB@P has done some very good pic sets in the past.The saying goes "a picture is like a thousand words".Long live Hot Boys At Play.Best Regards.

By: Jim | Date: Jul 8, 2014
Cocky,Many Thanks for your quick response & your direct emails.Yes,I look forward to seeing many more photo sets.There have been many great pic sets done & as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words".Best Regards.

By: Jim | Date: Jul 3, 2014
Hi Cocky ! As you know I'd like to see many more photo sets on the site.Videos are nice but pictures capture a certain moment & can be printed out quickly then viewed without a computer.

Hi Jim, Yes we understand your views and we'll try to strike a balance between photos and videos. Thanks for all your direct e-mails! Bye, Cocky x.

By: | Date: Dec 30, 2013

By: Mr hilton | Date: Dec 24, 2013
Hey cocky is it like not a thing for us to know any boys real name? I'm 22 and twink like like these guys but for some reason I'd love to know splashys real name. Just asking. Love the site

Thanks! - and I understand - but I think it's very unusual for any gay sites to publish the real names of their models. It's just that the internet is such an open book and it's right that webmasters should be cautious with questions of privacy. Nevertheless, if you or anyone else wants to ask about any of the boys on our site, just e-mail us directly to and we'll do our best to answer what we can. Happy Christmas! Bye, Cocky x.

By: Jaguar | Date: Jul 25, 2013
By "playing the accordion" I mean using both hands to as it were open and close the ass. The trouble is that, when done too quickly, this gesture distorts the ass cherry. You never get to see it fully as it is changing its shape all the time. All the models do it. My wish is that they pull apart their buttocks and then remain still and let us see their cherry for a few precious seconds.

Yes I understand! I guess we have taken lots of still photos like that and so, on video, we have tended to go for more movement. Still, it's certainly good to get your feedback! When members e-mail us with detailed suggestions, we always listen - and so we'll certainly try and do something like that in future! Best wishes, Cocky x

By: Jaguar | Date: Jul 19, 2013
I really love the site and the models.
I have three observations though : firstly I miss bareback action. Secondly I really wish the models, when they are showing their asshole wouldn't play the accordion with their buttocks all the time, but should from time to time just pull aside their buttocks and let the viewer see their beautiful asshole for a while WITHOUT moving. Thirdly, I can't understand why none of the videos can be downloaded to my own computer. Anyway, this is a great site.

Hi Jaguar, I'm glad you're enjoying our site and our friends! Sorry about not showing bareback action, but we think it is too dangerous. If anyone has any doubts, simply ask a doctor. As for "playing the accordion", I never thought of that! I guess we should all broaden our technique a bit? I don't understand why you can't download the videos to your computer? For technical issues like that, e-mail - to write to or about the boys, e-mail us here and/or directly to

Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: FB202010 | Date: Apr 22, 2013
I have a little suggestion RE the photo and video shoots. It would be really nice to see the boys (or some) remove their socks in the set.. and maybe give some attention to their feet. Maybe you could add "feet" or "foot fetish" as a category.. Just some food for thought.

Hi there, Thanks for the suggestion! I know many people are interested in that sort of thing, and it's true we've never given much thought to it! I'm not quite sure exactly what kind of poses or action you want to see in photos or videos? - but, if you can explain in more detail, just e-mail us directly to and we'll do what we can! All the best, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Apr 7, 2013
Cocky,I really like the Tommy photo set that was just posted.Tommy is truly blessed with a handsome face and a really nice cock.I hope Tommy does many more photos.Long live Hot Boys @ Play.

Thanks Jim! I'll pass on your greetings to Tommy! He's a great boy and he'll really appreciate it! Thanks for always keeping in touch with your direct e-mails too. Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Mar 27, 2013
Hi again Cocky ! I wanted to add that the video updates were outstanding as well.Is there any chance Chavy will be in a future photo set ? I really dig his great looks and sexy body.

Hi Jim, Chavy is special in every way - we'll do what we can! Keep reminding us! All the boys appreciate your direct e-mails - and, if anyone else wants to write in, just e-mail us at
Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Mar 27, 2013
Cocky,I really enjoy the latest Cheeky pics.He is one hot dude with a handsome sexy face and a nice dick,balls,and butt.Yes,Cheeky is a perfect ten in my book.Is there any chance he will do additional photo sets solo or with someone ? Long live Cocky & Hot Boys @ Play.

Hi Jim, Everything you say about Cheeky is spot on - and I could add that he's a really nice person too! We have taken some more duo photos of him and me together, which we haven't posted yet because there's already another set of ours on the site - but maybe we should post them soon? Bye for now, Cocky x.

By: Mark Brandon | Date: Feb 9, 2013
I am surprised to see "Dicky's" pictures here on the side. I still have them with the label from, from older than March2010. How is this possible? will there be any more material coming from him? I find him really...sweet!

Hi Mark, Originalboys was a compilation of several sites including ours (originalcockyboys). When the group closed down, we created Hot Boys At Play as a continuation of our section - so, of course, it opened with some of the later material from the old site. Now that HBAP has been going for over 3 years, we are constantly creating brand new photosets and videos, but some obviously date back - as they do on all websites that have lasted! If you need to know more details, just e-mail us direct to - Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Jan 15, 2013
Hi Cocky ! Many Thanks for your recent emails.Yes,I am very happy the updates are back.Long live Hot Boys at Play.

Thanks Jim! Yes, we hope Hot Boys At Play has a long life too! Bye, Cocky x.

By: Disappointed | Date: Jan 13, 2013
Well then .....
Not only that there are no updates for 25 days now, but there's also no reply to my complains here in the guestbook from Cocky!!!
What a trickery to all those who have purchased a 30 day membership.
What's going on at the site?
Is it dying?

Hi everyone, The reason that there has been no reply from me is simply that I don't have an answer! For those who don't know, we just send in our material and the webmaster of the site uploads it all - we don't run the site. Our last communication with him was on 12th December and everything seemed fine. Clearly, some problem has arisen but I don't know what it is? I hope there will be a simple explanation soon and that the site will get back on track. I wish I could be more helpful but, unfortunately, I'm as confused as you. If or when I hear anything, of course I'll post it here. Best wishes to you all, Cocky x.

By: Disappointed | Date: Jan 8, 2013
Hi everybody
I guess you are all aware, that thers have been no uploads at the site since december 19th, which is for three weeks now.
If anyone got a 30 days membership, he's kind of fucked up, isn't he.
I don't even try to write an email at the support adress, they didn't answer my requests earlier.

I guess, you should have an interest too, that this kind of not-updating is getting common.

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