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By: Jim | Date: Dec 5, 2012
Congratulations to one of the very best websites in its category on another outstanding photo set of the really hot model known as Flirty.I hope you do more pics of Flirty next year perhaps pairing him with another sexy model.Also,I am happy the HB@P updates are occurring about every three days.Best Regards.

That's what we all like to hear, Jim! it's great that you really appreciate Creamy, Twiggy and Flirty as much as we do. Guess who's next? Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Dec 4, 2012
Cocky,I honestly think the recent hot Twiggy photos & Creamy video are outstanding.They are fantastic models.Hot Boys@ Play continues to deliver for its customers.In my humble opinion it is one of the very best websites in its category.Congratulations to all those who make it possible.

By: | Date: Nov 29, 2012

By: robin jackson | Date: Nov 29, 2012
And then Tonmy - cock to die for - does it as well? Wonderful outdoor sequence then indoors for his cum shot. Such a shame.

I understand your view, Robin! Whenever an opportunity arises, we'll remember! Bye, Cocky x.

By: Bill | Date: Nov 29, 2012
The dancing with stiff and raging hard-ons make your site stand out over all the rest. You have room to have the boys flex their biceps while doing this strutting , for a few shots too.
Muscles always are sexy ........Thanks

I'm glad you like the dick dances, Bill! We're not really a muscleboy site but I understand what you mean. We'll give it some thought but, as you know, muscle flexing can be sexy - but it can also look silly!! If you have a solution to that problem, just e-mail us direct to All the best, Cocky x.

By: robin | Date: Nov 29, 2012
Havent seen HB's for a while and I thought we'd finally made it? But no, after 15 or so mins if Cummy (4) he's away inside to finish off!! What gives? It's understandable with some boyd but here Cummy puts in a sensational outdoor performance, including wanking himself on what looks like a very public park bench. I thought (hoped) that that was gonna be it and he'd shoot his load across the seat . So near yet so dar.

Hi again Robin, As I've explained before, we are based in the middle of a big city, and so it's rarely practical for us to film anything too explicit outdoors. We don't have the budget for expensive, glamorous, outdoor settings I'm afraid! - and I'm sure most members will understand that we don't want to risk embarrassment, or even arrest, in public places! Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Nov 23, 2012
Cocky,I have really been enjoying the the recent photoset updates.They are good therapy.Yes,there are many hot boys to enjoy and of course you are one of those special cute horny dudes who is truly blessed with great looks and a nice body.Long live Hot Boys at Play.

You're very kind, Jim! That's what all my friends want to be - "good therapy"! Thanks for all your direct e-mails too - we all appreciate it! Bye, Cocky x.

By: angry member | Date: Nov 23, 2012
All long time members (since the times of cockyboys) are probably as disappointed as me ...., this old stuff, which we all know for years should be an update for the moneys cost???
I'm really angry.
Where are the new photosets of the acutal boys, now, when the uploads of photos works???

Hi there, You're quite right that, when our originalcockyboys site had to close three years ago, hotboysatplay opened as a continuation of that site. Initially, much of the previous material was re-posted on the new site to make that continuation possible without discarding what members liked. However, during the last couple of years, by far the vast majority of the material has been brand new - and, during the last year, virtually everything has been brand new, much of it only weeks or months old! (If you want a breakdown of all the new boys and new photosets and new videos, just e-mail us to

Nevertheless, there are still a very small number of photosets from originalcockyboys that members have asked to be posted again,
and we are responding to those requests. We certainly make no apology for that - we have a much, much higher ratio of new material than most gay websites. Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: | Date: Nov 22, 2012

By: Jim | Date: Nov 15, 2012
Many Thanks for the outstanding photo set of the hot model Dishy.I look forward to many more photos of hot boys in the future.

Yes Jim, Dishy is a beautiful boy - and very popular with our friends! Thanks and best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Oct 30, 2012
Many Thanks for the outstanding photo set of Terry.Yes,I'm hoping as always that there will be many more pictures of hot males in the near future.

Yes Jim, Terry is certainly a super-sexy boy! - and we'll do our best to bring you lots more sexy boys in the future! Thanks for all your direct e-mails. Bye for now, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Oct 21, 2012
Yes,Many Thanks for the outstanding hot video of Tommy and Rimmy.I think it is one of the best videos you have ever done.I hope to see more of them in the near future.I already commented on the pics .I would love to see more of Kiwi and Dreamy soon.

Hi again Jim, Tommy and Rimmy will be pleased you like them so much. They're each great solo but, when you put them together, they explode! Thanks for your direct e-mails too! Bye, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Oct 21, 2012
Many Thanks for the latest updates including hot pics of Kiwi and Dreamy.I look forward to many more photo sets in addition to videos. Yes,photos capture that one moment and of course can be printed out.

Hi Jim, I'm glad you are pleased with the photosets of Dreamy and Kiwi. We'll do our best to bring you more photos in future! All the best, Cocky x.

By: Sven | Date: Oct 12, 2012
Hi everybody
Once more a great video with you Rimmy.
Thanks that I can again enjoy your gorgeous cock :-P

Take care

Hi Sven, We've just taken a duo video of Rimmy with Tommy, so I hope you'll like it! You should get to see it soon! Bye, Cocky x.

By: Jim | Date: Oct 11, 2012
I was happy to see the two latest photo set updates and I hope there will be many more photo sets made in the near future.

We'll do what we can, Jim - but there still is a technical problem with posting the photo sets! Best wishes, Cocky x.

By: Sven | Date: Sep 27, 2012

The video I've been waiting for such a long time :-)
Finally I can watch how your soft cock grows to its full extension and beauty :-P

Thanks to all of you, the photographer, you Creamy and you Cocky to have told my wishes to all the others.

Take care

Thanks Sven, As you know, our friends don't often have soft cocks! But I know you particularly wanted to see Creamy's cock soft and growing hard, so we're glad you like the result! Others asked to see more speedos and underwear, so we tried to mix it all up. Bye, Cocky x.

By: blake | Date: Sep 16, 2012
I've loved your site for a long time--the way you shoot videos, and so many awesome guys, I've lost count... But your two most recent, Jonesy and Rimmy, are at the top for me. Wow, they're just perfect, and such great duo videos with them. If you were to put them together in a movie it would be too much!!

Thanks Blake! I certainly agree with you about Jonesy and Rimmy! They're great in duos with other boys and yes, I'm sure they could make a perfect duo together too! Just e-mail them direct to and I'll put it to them! Bye for now, Cocky x.

By: Sven | Date: Sep 13, 2012
It's a great pleasure to watch you Rimmy, wether you fuck your sexy buddy Steamy or you get fucked by him :-P

I LOVE your "dancing" cock while you ride him.
And especially I'm pleased to see your cock from completely soft via semi erected to full erection :-)

Great movie, thanks

Hi Sven, Rimmy will be very pleased to know how much you appreciated his sexy duo with Steamy! They're both terrific together and can't get enough sucking and fucking! All the best, Cocky x.

By: Ron | Date: Sep 12, 2012
Hello Cocky,

Hi Ron. I'm glad you like our site! Yes we'll try to remember to use briefs etc like you suggest from time to time. No I haven't received your e-mail, I'm afraid. The address above often doesn't seem to link through to us - I don't know why? It's better to e-mail your message again directly, to Bye, Cocky x.

By: sven | Date: Sep 7, 2012
Hi Jimmy

Yes, you're for sure not the only one.
Me too, I would LOVE to have photo sets of the boys :-)


Hi Sven, Hopefully we'll have some more photo sets for you in due course! Bye, Cocky x.

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